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What they’re saying

I have been enjoying this app a lot. It's easy to use and it helped me find all the best free events in town.


Dr. Matt FITT Finder Fan

What they’re saying

FITT Finder has allowed me to get access to fitness classes/gyms around me. Can’t wait to keep connecting with more people who are into fitness as much as I am.


Ben Daniels FITT Finder Fan

What they’re saying

This is one of the coolest fitness apps I’ve seen so far. The idea behind it is strong and has a lot of potential. very user friendly and has little distractions and allows me to get what i want in just few clicks.


Bruce Norris FITT Finder Fan

What they’re saying

Beautifully designed quick app to find fitness where you are. Can't wait for even more studios, centers, events and classes to be added. Nothing like this--excited!


Lara Denis FITT Finder Fan

What they’re saying

This app is amazing and takes the stress out of finding fun and interesting fitness opportunities around town. The best part is that it's free!


Zac Sagay FITT Finder Fan